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Technical Difficulties and Closings

Technical Difficulties and Test Center Closings

In the uncommon event that a candidate’s computer freezes momentarily during the exam, the exam timer will also freeze so that the candidate will not lose exam time or completed questions. If the computer freezes for a significant period, the test administrator should be notified.

In the event that a test center is closed due to weather-related issues or events outside of the test administrator’s control or you experience technical difficulties associated with the exam delivery while taking an exam, you should notify the test administrator immediately at the time of the occurrence. On the rare occasion that the administrator is unable to resolve the technical issue, or if the test center is closed, the following options apply:

  • Your exam fees are refunded in full. You must submit a refund request by email ( and describe the situation. The incident will be verified with the test administrator. You should then register for the next exam administration.


  • You are offered the option of sitting for a new test within the same exam window if a seat is available. If there are no available seats within the same exam window, the exam window will be extended as appropriate. The length of this extension will be at the discretion of the SOA/CAS/CIA and it will not exceed 5 calendar days past the affected exam window. In order to exercise this option, you must notify the SOA ( within 24 hours of the occurrence of your intent to test within the exam window. The SOA will instruct you how to proceed.

In order to exercise either of the aforementioned options, it is critical that you notify a test center administrator immediately if you experience technical difficulties for the purposes of both trouble-shooting and documentation. Unsubstantiated claims will not be refunded nor will retesting be permitted within the same exam window.

Technical Difficulties and Test Center Closings

Prometric Contact Information

North America (scheduling/rescheduling only)866-891-6394
North America (test center closed or problem with Prometric experience)800-853-6769
Australia and New Zealand (Monday-Friday, 8:30 to 17:00 GMT +10:00)60-37-628-3333
India (Monday-Friday, 9:00 to 17:30 GMT +05:30)91-11-265-11649
Korea82-2-2116-8331 or 1-66-0990
Middle East (Sunday-Thursday)31-320-239-530
North Africa (Sunday-Thursday)31-320-239-530
South Africa31-320-239-593
South East Asia (Monday - Friday, 8:00 to 20:00 GMT +08:00)60-3-7628-3333