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Guidelines for Summer Program Evaluation Report

What to include:

  1. Introduction

    This should be a general description and overview of the program and the activities the student's participate in. It should also include:

    • The dates of the program
    • How many applications were received
    • How many students were invited to attend, and how many attended
    • If your program is not solely a minority program, how many were African American, Hispanic or Native American
  2. Daily Schedule

    • Include a detailed daily schedule of activities.
  3. Participating High School Students and Correspondence

    • Include a list of all participants and their hometown.
    • Include samples of all correspondence sent to students (for example, invitation to apply for program, response to application, letting informing student they were accepted or not, any additional information that is sent to students about the program)
  4. Program Brochure and Application

    • Include any brochures that are distributed about the program and also the application that students fill out.
  5. Program Announcements

    • Please include any promotional announcements, flyers or letters that are used to get the word out about the summer program.
  6. Industry/University Correspondence

    • A list of planning committee members (and their employers)
    • Any correspondence sent to planning committee members
  7. Income and Expenditures

    • The budget proposal that was submitted to the committee prior to the program
    • The actual expenses from the program
  8. Scholarships or Awards

    Any information on scholarships or awards given and the recipients.

  9. Summary of Student Evaluations

    • Include the evaluation form given to the students and their responses to each question.
  10. Enrollment at college/university

    • Include a complete list of any program participants who have enrolled at your university, the year they attended the program and what their major is/was.
  11. Group Photograph

    If you take a group photo, please include a copy with your report.

  12. Other Information

    Include any other information of note not covered above. If there are changes under consideration for the 2014 program, please describe the possible changes.