Do Your Students Like Math?

Are you looking to inspire them with new career paths? Be An Actuary Day is an event developed to expose diverse high school students to the actuarial profession as a career choice. Recent research has shown that one of the main reasons that diverse students do not enter the actuarial profession is because of their lack of knowledge of the profession until late in college. Early exposure to this math-based career allows students to excel in college – and in their careers post-college.

The one-hour long program is an interactive opportunity for your accelerated math students to problem-solve while meeting practicing actuaries and actuarial science majors. Funded jointly by the Casualty Actuarial Society and the Society of Actuaries, and other strategic partners including the Actuarial Foundation, the International Association of Black Actuaries, and the Organization of Latino Actuaries, we offer a virtual 60-minute or 90-minute event comprised of the following components:

  • A general “What is an Actuary/Why am I an Actuary?” presentation with inspirational messaging
  • Three problem-solving segments made up of Icebreaker Logic Problems, a Risk Exposure with real world examples, and a challenging Math Game
  • A resource section, including university/host information on scholarships, college resources and more

Interested in hosting your own event? Please fill out the event application form and contact Margaret Kerr at and Beth Gall at if you have any questions.