Part super-hero. Part fortune-teller. Part trusted advisor.

We manage risk

It’s what we do. With unbeatable analytical skills, we help organizations plan for the future and protect themselves from loss. By understanding the very nature of risk, we play a key role in the psychological, physical, and financial stability of society. With our help, businesses can grow, retirees can invest with confidence, and people can enjoy peace of mind.

We love what we do. It only makes sense that ours is a top-ranked job. After all, we earn high incomes in low-stress environments. We enjoy a harmonious work/life balance. Our work is intellectually stimulating. And we work in a variety of settings. But no matter where we work, this career comes with one great perk: the satisfaction of solving problems and having an impact.

We are the backbone of financial security. Insurance companies, financial planners, and many multinational corporations are hesitant to make certain moves without consulting us first. That’s because the problems we solve provide a safeguard against catastrophe and this gives them the confidence to grow. And that benefits everyone.

This site is designed to help you understand the life of an actuary, learn what it takes to become an actuary, and find out if it fits your strengths and skill set.