Be An Actuary Month 2022

Looking to inspire them with a math-related career path? The Casualty Actuarial Society and the Society of Actuaries are hosting a series of high school virtual events in February 2022 to celebrate Insurance Careers Month!

This is an interactive opportunity for accelerated math students to problem solve while meeting practicing actuaries and actuarial science majors in a fun virtual environment that will feature:

  • “What is an Actuary/Why am I an Actuary?” presentation with inspirational messaging
  • An intro into the concept of Risk Exposure with real world examples, led by actuaries and actuarial students
  • A competitive Kahoot math game with prizes for the winners!
  • A resource section, including university/host information on scholarships, college resources and more

Four events are available and FREE to participants!  Sign up by clicking your interested date below:

Registration is limited to 500 students per session.

Additional resource: