Apply your math skills to actuarial exam questions.

Actuaries earn professional credentials by passing a series of examinations. This online exam is designed to give you an idea of the types of questions you might encounter on the preliminary actuarial examinations administered by the Casualty Actuarial Society and Society of Actuaries. The sample problems are actual questions from prior exams, but they do not cover all the topics or all levels of difficulty.

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Solve Real Problems 1

  • Company records show that 65% of policyholders have an auto policy, 50% of policyholders have a homeowners policy, and 15% of policyholders have both an auto and a homeowners policy.

    Using the company’s estimates, calculate the percentage of policyholders that will renew at least one policy next year.

  • You are given
    1. 28% watched gymnastics
    2. 29% watched baseball
    3. 19% watched soccer
    4. 14% watched gymnastics and baseball
    5. 12% watched baseball and soccer
    6. 10% watched gymnastics and soccer
    7. 8% watched all three sports.
    Calculate the percentage of the group that watched none of the three sports during the last year.
  • Calculate the number of blue balls in the second urn.
    1. An automobile owner is twice as likely to purchase collision coverage as disability coverage.
    2. The event that an automobile owner purchases collision coverage is independent of the event that he or she purchases disability coverage.
    3. The probability that an automobile owner purchases both collision and disability coverages is 0.15.

    What is the probability that an automobile owner purchases neither collision nor disability coverage?