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Actuaries In Action: Why It’s Rated The Number One Profession

Want to know why the actuarial profession has been ranked consistently high for decades? Then read the Washington Post’s special section on STEM careers that highlights the actuarial profession.

The Washington Post’s special section on STEM careers explores the recent list of the best jobs in America where the actuarial profession is ranked #1. The article contains interviews from Mark Maxwell, PhD, Actuarial Studies Program Director at the University of Texas at Austin, and Cecil Bykerk, President of American Academy of Actuaries.

The information discussed with in the article includes:

  • What is an actuary?
  • What should students study if they’re interested in becoming an actuary?
  • What skills should students hone if they’re considering a career as an actuary?
  • Why is the actuarial profession regarded so highly?

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