Ready to apply your skills in the real world? Start with an internship!

What’s an Actuarial Internship?

Think of it as a free trial period with no obligation for either party to buy. An internship is a pre-professional working experience that provides students with the opportunity to work side by side with experienced actuaries. Though getting an internship does not guarantee a permanent job many students find it opens the door to future employment.

Why Should I Start with an Internship?

The benefits are numerous some of which include:

  • gaining a head start on an actuarial career with relevant work experience;
  • building actuarial skills while simultaneously sharpening communication and leadership skills;
  • acquiring experience not often learned in the classroom; and
  • increasing exposure to potential employers.

Often, someone who has made the effort to get experience will stand out from the very large applicant crowd. So, whether you get the opportunity to go on client meetings or you spend most of the time doing administrative jobs, internships can be valuable. Most importantly, internships assist in translating your classroom knowledge to a practical working foundation.

Where to Find Internships

University placement offices are a good starting point in locating opportunities. Companies often do on-campus interviews for interns and co-op students.

Many students have also found opportunities by reaching out to firms of interest and contacting an acquaintance already working in the profession.