IABA Scholarship & Other Student Programs

The IABA Actuarial Boot Camp is an immersive nine session experience designed to prep actuarial students for internship and entry level recruitment. The Boot Camp is perfect for individuals seeking: hands-on resume revision; focused interview prep; professionalism training; actuarially relevant technical skills overview; overview of the actuarial industry.

Deadline – March 31, 2021


IABA Boot Camp

The IABA Actuarial Boot Camp is a four day workshop geared towards increasing industry awareness of prospective actuarial students and positioning them for a successful actuarial internship. The Boot Camp concludes with participation, paid registration and accommodation at the IABA Annual Meeting.

IABA Exam Prep Program

The IABA Exam Prep Program is designed to provide qualified students with all the tools they need to be successful on their first actuarial exam (FM). Exam prep materials are provided through Coaching Actuaries; weekly exam prep sessions are held virtually to provide a network of support and the cost of the exam is covered up front. The program is designed to address all of the barriers to entry that exist at this stage in the pipeline

IABA Annual Meeting

From college-level professional development sessions to networking opportunities, the IABA Annual Meeting can help students take their actuarial career to the next level.With over 450 attendees and 50 companies exhibiting at our Career Networking Event, the IABA Annual Meeting is a great opportunity to network and find your next internship or entry-level actuarial job.