Not just insurance

We were the first professionals managing risk and modeling the financial impact based on the likelihood of future scenarios. We have a deep understanding of the nature of risk and excel at putting a value on a risk, regardless of the industry.

While risk exists in all industries, no other industry handles the financial impact of risk more than the insurance industry. We have traditionally specialized in life, health, property, and casualty insurance.

For the insurance industry, we develop, price, and manage insurance products. We also are involved in defining and creating pension and retirement plans for organizations. And as the population ages, we are finding roles as financial planning advisors.

But our skills and talents are transferable to any industry that requires risk modeling and management, including:

  • Financial services, such as banking and investment management.
  • Transportation, such as shipping and air travel.
  • Energy, such as utilities, oil, and gas.
  • Environment, on issues such as climate change.

We also work with government institutions such as Social Security, the Department of Labor, and Medicare to manage social programs and to develop regulations and legislation.

We are also establishing our organizations’ enterprise risk management programs, and growing into the roles of Chief Risk Officer.