Location equals lifestyle.

Actuaries power business. And most of these businesses are located in the heart of large metropolitan areas. That means you can work and live at the center of a connected, comfortable, and culturally rich environment.

Looking for more detail? (Congrats, that means you’re already thinking like an actuary). Here are a few answers to some of the most common questions about where actuaries work:

I plan on living in North America—what are my options?

In the United States, there are a lot of options. Most of us live and work in the Northeast (for example, Manhattan is one of the financial capitals of the world) and the Midwest, where many large corporations are headquartered. However, you can also find us almost anywhere in the U.S. In Canada, the options are just as appealing with Toronto, Montreal, and Quebec functioning as the major centers for actuarial work. See the page Actuarial Jobs by Geographic Region for more details.

I want to travel—are there opportunities to work in other countries?

Yes. An increasingly competitive global marketplace has created many opportunities within the insurance industry. If you’re interested we’ve compiled some Tips for Working Overseas.

No matter where I work, I want to know that I’m entering a stable job market. What’s the outlook for the next few years?

Solid. Especially when it comes to entry-level positions. We are optimistic and anticipate a continued high demand for actuaries at all levels. For more detail, we’ve gathered information on the Career Outlook for Actuaries web page.